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Hrvoje Sobat

Head of Department, University Hospital for Tumors in Zagreb, HR

Prof. Dr. Hrvoje Sobat is an internationally renowned and eminent specialist in radiation oncology, currently holding the position of the Head of Radiation Oncology Department in University Hospital for Tumors in Zagreb, Croatia.

He is an expert with extensive twenty years of experience in management of malignant diseases with special interest in tumors of genitourinary and digestive system and breast tumors.

Hrvoje Sobat, M.D., Ph.D. earned his doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences from the Medical Faculty of Josip Juraj Strossmayer, Osijek, Croatiain 2008, after previously graduating with several academic honors from the Faculty of medicine in Zagreb, Croatia in 1985.

Following his oncology training in Zagreb, Croatia and Essen, Germany Dr. Sobat was selected for the Master degree program «Leadership and Management of Health Services», organised by the London School of Economics and Political Science in Zagreb, which he completed with top honors in 2002.

Over his career he has spent some time exploring new techniques and gathering experience at university clinics in Vienna, Austria (2005), Rome, Italy (2008) and Homburg/Saar, Germany (2012).

Dr. Sobat's past experience in clinical oncology lends to a unique perspective and skill set capable of delivering a variety of services and scientific consulting expertise. Since 2008 he was elected Assistant Professor in Clinical Oncology at the Medical Faculty of Josip Juraj Strossmayer, Osijek, Croatia.

He is also passionate about improvement of safety standards and was actively involved in organization of the first “Patient Safety Conference” in Luxembourg (2005), where he contributed as an invited speaker as well.

Dr. Sobat is well known nationwide and internationally for his strong community values. He was elected President of the Croatian Medical Association (term 2005-2009), President of the Committee for International Cooperation of the Croatian Medical Chamber (since 2007-) and Treasurer and Board Member of AEMH (European Association of Senior Hospital Physicians, term 2008-2016).


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