27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers27th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

People Centred Care I

8176 | Effects of the use of Non-Conventional Therapies and analysis of the possible integration in the National Health Service

Marta Bacelar


8187 | How do the different tribes in hospitals describe hospitality?

Angelique Lombarts1

1 - Hotelschool The Hague, NL


8192 | Stakeholders' views on public involvement in policy making in the Portugal

Céu Mateus1, Sofia Crisóstomo2, Margarida Santos2

1 - Division of Health Research, Lancaster University, UK; 2 - Mais Participação, Mais Saúde


8216 | Outcomes Research Lab - "Leveraging Evidence for Better Care"

Marina Borges1, Patrícia Redondo1, Pedro Medeiros1, Andreia Borges1, Ana Sofia Oliveira1, José Maria Laranja Pontes1, Francisco Rocha Gonçalves1

1 - Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto FG, PT 


8218 | A National Program to assess and improve healthcare humanization in hospital through a partnership between citizens and healthcare professionals

Giovanni Caracci1, Flavia Cardinali1, Sara Carzaniga1, Vanda Raho1

1 - Agenas - Agenzia Nazionale per i Servizi Sanitari Regionali, IT


8228 | Qualitative interview study of primary health and social care professionals' perceptions and experiences of barriers to effective integrated care for elderly patients in London

Anam Malik1, Anas Tahir1, Falak Naqvi1, Danial Naqvi1, Mohaimen Al-Zubaidy1, Sarina Vara1, Ali Tarfiee1, Edgar Meyer1

1 - Imperial College Business School, UK

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